Yes, growing your email list is mega important and so is emailing your list consistently so you can turn your list into a supportive community.

But why is it so hard ?

If you’re like “Same, Lucia, same”, I hear you now I want to share a few things that may just shift how you see your weekly newsletter.

Let’s chat about the main reasons why writing newsletters may be giving you the ick and what gets to change so you actually enjoy it.

You don’t read newsletters, so why would people read yours?

Oof, I feel this one. Back when I started my business, I read a lot of newsletters, but I don’t read many anymore and the ones I open I just skim through.

Why would others read my emails when I never read the ones I get?

When you find yourself saying things like “never”, it’s almost always a limiting belief. So I challenge it:

Never? Do I never, ever read emails?

And I remind myself that there are emails do read, find value in and actually miss when I don’t see them for a while.

For me, I greatly miss Melyssa Griffin‘s emails. She retired a couple of years ago so she hasn’t sent any more emails, and I miss them so much.

I think the biggest reason is because I don’t have that strong connection to the person writing them the way I had it with Melyssa.

Think about the people whose emails you open in a heartbeat whenever they hit your inbox.

What specifically do you like about them?
How important to you is the person sending you these emails?
How can you cultivate this deep, meaningful relationship with your own community?

You don’t know what to email about when you’re not launching/selling?

Do you know when you’re taking an exam and the answer to one question is in the following question? This is it 😂 Let me answer the question in the previous paragraph.

The goal of your newsletters in between promotions should be to make your audience fall in love with you, the way you fell in love with the few people you read (and love) newsletters from.

Give them tips, inspire them, encourage them, relate to them, make them want more of you in their life 💛

If they don’t want to read your newsletters, they won’t want to buy when promo time comes around. If you only show up in people’s radar when you want to sell them something, they won’t trust you with their 💸

When you show up consistently to help people, they begin to trust you and appreciate you. And that’s the kind of people we buy from, those we know, like and trust.

How do you make your emails valuable without giving away everything you teach in your course or membership?

A way to look at your newsletter differently is to see it as a way to help those who can’t afford your services or offers. You’re giving a taste to potential clients of what it’s like to work with you, but you’re also helping those who can’t pay you with helpful resources to get them on their way.

The same way you write blog posts or record podcasts to give value, or you point people who can’t afford your offers to your other free resources so they can get started.

Your newsletter is another way you build community, make an impact and help people take action even if they don’t have the means to hire you yet.

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What if people get everything they need from your emails and don’t join your course or membership?

Remember that people barely take action when they have an actual step by step course they paid big bucks for 😬

Don’t worry about them reading your newsletters and feeling like they’re all set. There’s a lot more that goes into taking action and getting results than just getting the info.

Isn’t a big selling point for us that our courses compile the info in an organized way so they have it all on the same place? 99% of people won’t bother browsing dozens of newsletters to find the needle in the haystack.

But the 1% that do, I commend them cause it takes guts and work and shows determination.

Why would people buy if your free content and emails give them what they need?

I get that and I also ask myself this question a lot. However, people don’t want more info or strategies, they want results. I’ve watched a million videos on using content pillars and yet I’m struggling to implement them in my business and not feel completely overwhelmed by content creation.

Information can only take you so far without help in executing it.

I’m sure your memberships, courses, coaching packages, etc. help people execute on the information, not just learn about more strategies.

If your goal is to help your students implement a strategy, the more they know before they get into your paid program, the better.

Better? How? 🙈 Because you’ll waste less time trying to explain the basics and you can go straight to implementing and getting them results.

And for those who get a ton of results just from your free content… They’ll be sticking around and become your biggest fans and ambassadors.

Imagine someone getting a TON of incredible results just from your freebies and then peacing out because they don’t need more of your winning ideas and resources?! I’ll take “things that never happened” for $500, Alex.

They’re more likely to get to a point where they just throw money at you, not because they need your course (necessarily) but because you’ve helped them so much they just buy out of love and gratitude.

To wrap this up, I want to point the mirror back at you.

Why are you *not* reading people’s emails?

I think the answer to this one may be juicy. Are the emails from people you don’t trust much? Did you join a bunch o’ newsletters when you claimed the gifts in a bundle? Are you busy?

My guess is there are two main reasons why you’re not reading people’s emails (outside of not connecting with the writer):

1) You don’t like reading. That’s fair. Maybe you prefer consuming content through podcasts or videos. Do you find you open more newsletters when it’s just to notify you about a podcast/video release?

Can you make peace with the fact that different people consume different formats and your job is just to serve those you can, instead of everyone? Some people will eagerly read your newsletter and ignore your podcast, and the other way around.

2) Is the content in the emails suiting your needs? If you’re a six figure course creator but you’re subscribed to a lot of newsletters for newbie entrepreneurs, you won’t find much value in them.

Which begs the question, are the emails you send a good fit for your ideal audience? Are you emailing advanced topics to newbies or basics to advanced peeps? How can you make sure the content you create aligns with the needs of your community?

Over to you – How do you feel about emailing your list weekly now?

Whew, that was a lot. I hope it helped you see your newsletters in a different light and feel confident in showing up for your community consistently 🙂

Leave a comment below if you still have doutbs or other thoughts getting in the way!