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You're not your business' employee, you're the leader. Let's put systems in place to get you back to your visionary role.



You're not your business' employee, you're the leader. Let's put systems in place to get you back to your visionary role.



You're not your business' employee, you're the leader. Let's put systems in place to get you back to your visionary role.



You're not your business' employee, you're the leader. Let's put systems in place to get you back to your visionary role.

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What would become possible for you if you had a course that sells and a business that fulfills you?

Here's the rundown of how I can help you optimize and automate your business so you're able to  focus on leading your community & generating revenue.


Need clarity on your current systems and how to optimize them to generate more leads, sales and loyal customers? Let's hop on a 1:1 call and figure out the best solution so you can grow and scale with ease!

mindset coaching

Got the strategies but you're not taking the aligned action you know would bring you the results you want? Let me support you in releasing any blocks keeping you from your highest potential.

Digital Products

Know what to do & want to do it yourself but you need support to make it better and in half the time? I've got templates, worksheets, mini courses & more to help you boost your efficiency.


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Do you need a big email list to launch your course?

Thinking of joining a program to learn more about the subconscious mind and how to become the kind of coach people get incredible results from? Read on! In this article I’m sharing my experience going through the Yes Supply Method certification program and how I became a business & mindset coach after completing it.At the end

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If you have a skill that other people want to learn or develop, creating a course or a membership site could be great ways for you to build a business you love. But should you create an online course or a membership site? I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs asking the same question over the years, and

Membership site vs. Online Courses – Which one should you offer?

The Expanse is easily one of the most incredible TV shows ever made. It’s redefining sci-fi and I’m sure we’ll also see a lot of technology advancements based on the show as well. Today I want to share a surprising lesson I learned from The Expanse and how it can transform the way you see

How this lesson from The Expanse can help you as an entrepreneur

Lil’ Nas X has taken the world by storm in the last few years, and even before that. He’s been featured everywhere, some praising him and some condemning him. But… If you’re an entrepreneur or a course creator, you’ll want to read this post!You’re about to learn the essential marketing tip Lil’ Nas X shares

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The Zero-Fuss Course Creation Toolkit Preview

Quickly create your online course with customizable, done-for-you resources.

Love notes from my clients

I went to a CEO coworking event today and they looked at my sales page for my last launch. One of the organizers, who has a degree in graphic design, was so wowed by it and they all told me my sales page looks amazing. I told them it was designed by Lucia, a good friend of mine who has an amazing design touch and skills!


I had a coaching session with Lucia and had so many a-ha moments. Lucia held such a nurishing presence in our session, helped me to see my blindspots, reframe things to notice endless possibilities & options. I feel very motivated to pivot my business & prioritize my wellbeing again.

OLGA Boavida

Lucia has a special talent for design which has given me invaluable help with my products and sale pages. She is a rare find - so happy to recommend her to anyone needing online marketing assistance. 


Hey, I'm Lucia!

I'm a Biologist turned illustrator, turned entrepreneur! In the last 4+ years I've been working on multiple projects and helping entrepreneurs turn their passion into successful businesses with fewer headaches.

From leading ArtCorgi, the largest middle-market online art commission marketplace, to coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs as Melyssa Griffin's Community Director, and being the Marketing & Operations Manager at The Independent Film School.

While working with so many talented entrepreneurs, I noticed a pattern.

Spending too much time on admin tasks, overcomplicating systems, and not embracing your role as the visionary for your business holds you back from truly growing your business.

But it's time to embrace your role as the CEO and be the leader of your company and community.

I'll help you turn your skills into a course that sells and show you how to simplify and automate your business so you can focus on being the visionary.

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