Thinking of joining a program to learn more about the subconscious mind and how to become the kind of coach people get incredible results from? Read on! 

In this article I’m sharing my experience going through the Yes Supply Method certification program and how I became a business & mindset coach after completing it.

At the end I’m sharing a free training that will help you get familiar with YES SUPPLY and a link to sign to the program. When you sign up with my link, you’ll also get access to my bonus 3-coaching session package (affiliate link).

The YES SUPPLY Method is a proven life coaching system that blends science backed techniques with spiritual laws and manifestation. By the end you are certified in 5 different certifications:

  • Mindset Coach 
  • Neural Energetic Wiring Practitioner (blending somatics, NLP, and TIME techniques)
  • Neural Energetic Encoding (subconscious coaching modalities, breath, and energy)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioner 
  • EFT Practitioner.

Why I joined the Yes Supply Method

I first heard about Reese when I was still working for the amazing Melyssa Griffin. Reese had been featured in one of Melyssa’s podcast episodes and it deeply resonated with me. 

I followed Reese after that and started learning more about having an abundance mindset, reprogramming your subconscious for success, releasing emotions and much more. I was hooked!

Throughout 2022 I felt the nudge to join the program but it was a big investment and I wasn’t sure I could pull it off. But, in December, the Yes Supply Team put together a live workshop called Year of Yes.

I signed up and it was such a powerful experience. During the workshop, I realized I couldn't expect anyone else to say yes to me if I didn't say it to myself first.

So I took the plunge. I was in a better position to join and if there ever was a time to join, this was it. I wanted to make 2023 the beginning of my new life full of abundance and letting go of any and all limitations I had imposed on myself.

My experience with the Yes Supply Certification

I took the YES SUPPLY METHOD certification training starting December 31st, 2022 (yes, I wasn’t going to let 2023 start without being in the program!). 

I enrolled through their self-paced option (which has since been phased out) and I could attend any of the calls with any of the trainers. It gave me the flexibility that I needed. 


I was immediately blown away by ALL the content included in the program. There are four phases included:

1. Embodiment phase

This part of the program focuses on helping you start to show up as the kind of coach you want to be. You learn more about cultivating an abundance mindset, tapping into your intuition, human design, and manifestation.

2. Integration phase
This is where the program officially kicks off and you get to learn about creating a trauma sensitive,  DEI-centered business and coaching practice, and you delve into NLP, powerful questioning, preframes of coaching, what to do before and after your sessions, and more. By the end of this section, you get to host your first practice coaching session with another coach in the program.

3. Transformation phase
The name befits this phase! You get to learn powerful techniques like SWISH, single belief change, anchoring, EFT, parts integration, hypnosis and Neuro Energetic Encoding to release negative emotions, limiting beliefs and insert goals into your future (say whaaat?).

4. Amplification phase
Get next steps after you graduate to start building your coaching business and unlocking all the juicy bonuses!

The videos are so well put together, it really is a whole experience watching them. They're relatively short and they are accompanied by demos of each technique, both online or in person.

A still from a lesson in the program featuring Reese Evans and in the background you can see a desktop with a laptop and a big screen, and plants all around.

© YES SUPPLY | Reese Evans teaching a lesson in the program on Cultivating An Abundant Mindset


I did the self-paced version but I followed a track and it was like having my own cohort: same time every week, with the same trainer and the same students.

Having this cohort made it so much easier to attend the calls, feel confident showing up as a coach and practicing with other coaches that I was getting to know and adore.

During the training mastery calls, you first get a refresher of the technique and you get to ask questions, share a-ha moments as well as relevant personal experiences. It always felt like a really safe space to share and be seen.

This isn't a program where you just watch videos. No. You are given a safe, structured space to practice the techniques and feel confident in using them on clients.

Each training mastery call has you taking turns with another coach to practice the technique, so you’re both coaching someone AND getting coached in return. 

By the end of the program you’ve worked through so much stuff through these practice sessions that you feel like a new and improved version of you ???? Imagine getting free coaching each week!


My trainer was the ah-mazing Jess. She’s an incredible coach and human. She held space for us to learn, integrate and ask questions beautifully. 

Her energy was always warm, welcoming, non-judgemental yet bold and daring. Always encouraging us to step into our most abundant selves, embrace our power and live fully in alignment with our true selves, no matter what others would think. 

If you have the chance to work with Jess, do it! You’re in for a massive treat. Seriously! She brings tons of experience, shares the best stories & dance moves and her energy is infectious.

But, one time, Jess couldn’t host our training mastery call and I got to see what working with Rylee was like. Let me tell you, it’s no wonder her students rave about her too! 

She had a really grounding presence, made everything seem so easy and helped me realize that an emotionally significant event doesn’t always have to be the root cause of something. 

Big aha moment right there. 

I never got to work with Olga but everytime I meet someone who trained with her, a flood of praise ensues! 

All this to say, the trainers are freaking epic and you’re in the best of hands.

A still from a SWISH technique demonstration video included in the program where you can see Reese extending her arms as she applies the technique to Stephanie.

© YES SUPPLY | Reese Evans demonstrating the SWISH technique on Stephanie Gray


Talk about overdelivering. As part of your program, you get access to additional live calls every month like:

  • Coaching calls and Q&As with Reese
  • Science calls with Aubrey 
  • Organization & planning with 
  • Planning your coaching sessions
  • Feeling confident as a coach 

And the one attended most recently “How to share your story as a coach” with Reese where she reviewed our stories and helped us make them more compelling with her personal framework. 

I had an a-ha moment about my story and I had to write it down immediately. I went into the session feeling like I didn’t have a story worth sharing, and came out feeling like I had damn good one.


When you join you get a package delivered to your home with the manual, a fancy highlighter, a phone holder, a printed inspiring card and a beautiful pendulum. 

The manual is huge and it’s full to the brim with explanations of each technique, a script to easily go through it with a client and lots of space for you to take notes.

The technique scripts are powerful (and you’ll get to experience them all during the training sessions!) yet easy to follow. The manual includes a lot of tips and extra guidance so you always know how to implement them and even covers “what ifs” for specific circumstances.

It’s the perfect companion, not just for the certification but for your coaching sessions. Having all of the scripts in one place makes it a breeze to go over a few techniques on each session without drowning in a sea of papers.


When you enroll in the Yes Supply Method Certification Program you also get access to over $10,000 in bonuses to help you turn the skills you learn in the program into a successful business.

Some of the bonuses you get are:

  • Yes Dream Clients
  • Selling single sessions
  • Instagram 10K
  • Zero to 1000 Email List
  • Mindset shifts of a 7 figure earner (pay in full only)

Depending on when you enroll, you may score a few more bonuses. And if you enroll using my affiliate link, you'll also receive MY bonus 3 coaching call package.

In Conclusion · Is the Yes Supply Method Certification worth it?

Hell yes! Going through this certification has been a wild ride. It’s allowed me to learn more about the subconscious mind and how to change it.  

Some of the techniques that had the biggest impact on me where the SWISH technique and the Neural Energetic Encoding (NEE) to release limiting beliefs.

I had SWISH done on me to stop scrolling on Instagram reels for hours on end. I didn’t watch more than 3 reels in a row after that!

I also had NEE done to me to release the belief that I’m not good enough and ended up seeing a vision of my mother giving birth to me and I was able to integrate so many learnings. I was filled with immense compassion for myself and my family and it allowed me to release that limiting belief with more ease.

Using these techniques on my clients helped them:

  • Release the feeling of lack and scarcity from 5 generations back.
  • Feel confident going all in one of her business ideas and creating an action plan to make it happen.
  • Unblock creativity and find a way to create podcast episodes consistently without burning out or getting caught up in imposter syndrome.
  • Tap into more abundance and release the belief that people wouldn't pay for a high-ticket program from her.

I'm excited to continue working with more incredible humans and helping them achieve their goals with more ease by combining these powerful mindset techniques with aligned business strategies.

ready to join the yes supply method certification?

Thanks so much for reading through my review on the Yes Supply method. If you’re feeling called to take the leap, use my affiliate link below to receive a 3 coaching session package from me as a bonus ($450 Value).

If you want to experience the kind of content and transformation that awaits you in the program, here are a few resources for you (affiliate links):

I hope this review was helpful! If you have any questions about The Yes Supply Method Certification, leave a comment below or send me an email! I'll be happy to help you make an aligned decision!

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