Say goodbye to losing out on email subscribers.

People visiting your landing page but not opting in? Ugh. Not on my watch! I'll review your landing page and give you clear, actionable steps to tweak it so you can get more subscribers with the traffic you're already getting!

Let me guess...

You've got an amazing freebie that could improve your clients' lives so much and help them solve their problems. The people who have tried it say it's the best thing that happened to them since the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Yes, it's THAT good.

But something is not right. Your BFF Google Analytics tells you people are visiting your landing page but they're not signing up. They're seeing this incredible resource you've curated just for them and... leaving it right there. 

What's up with that?!

I know what it feels like...

  • Pouring your love and years of experience into something that can truly help people... and have them ignore it.
  • Not knowing whether it’s an issue with the landing page, the offer, the tech... or if it’s that you’re fooling yourself trying to be an entrepreneur.
  • Missing the human touch, being able to talk to another person and show them how you can help them transform their life... instead of feeling stiff and robotic whenever you sit down to write copy for your landing page. 

I get it, that's why I'm here to tell you...

It's not you. It's your landing page.

(and I will help you fix it!)

How would your life change if you could implement a few tweaks and have your landing page go from desert island to Pretzel Day and have your ideal clients lining up to sign up to your email list?

Stanley saying This is Pretzel Day

What if your landing page could finally do all of these?

Let's get something straight. Your landing page should be working for you, not the other way around!

Double your email list without tons of traffic

Imagine adding double or triple the number of subscribers you're currently getting without needing millions of visitors. What would become possible for your business?

Create a bigger impact in your community

You can solve your audience's problems and your freebie is their first step in their journey. The more people that claim your freebie, the bigger the impact you'll be able to create in the world. Sweet, no?

Build a community that knows, likes and trusts you

Your landing page will show your ideal audience that you get them and can help them achieve their goals. Your help and support will earn you their trust and let you lead a loving community.

Start driving sales from the get go

Getting your freebie is the first step in a journey to solving their problems and achieving their goals. Your landing page is the catalyst and you can use it to start making sales and creating lasting impact from the get-go.

It’s time to have a clear action plan to tweak your landing page so you can get more email subscribers, sales & finally turn your passion into a profitable business.


The Landing Page Booster

A complete action plan to boost your landing page conversion rate & get more email subscribers from the traffic you already get.

Need a boost of subscribers?

You know your course or service can change your clients' lives. You've seen it happen again and again. When you say your system is "proven" you mean it. But you know that in order to help more people and get more clients, you need to "build your list" and it's just not happening!

Word of mouth is your best asset, your clients and students refer others to you all the freakin' time, but the systems you've worked so hard on to attract clients "in your sleep"...? Not so much. In fact, not at all.

Your freebie isn't some half-baked PDF download with little value. It's a solid resource and everyone who downloads it tells you you're bananas for not charging a premium price for it.

And yet...

People aren't signing up to get it. So they don't experience the incredible results they can get with your strategies. And they end up working with someone else & getting half the results for double the price. Whaaat?

This stops now.

 I'm going to help you get a steady stream of email subscribers that love you & want to work with *you* to solve their problems.

(actual footage of your brand new email subscribers
after getting your Landing Page Boosted)


Fry saying shut up and take my money

How It Works

Woot! Let's work together! Here's how it's going to go down :) ?

Step 1.

Book your session

Book your Landing Page Booster session below and select a day to have our Introductory call.

Step 2.

We'll have our introductory call

We'll hop on a quick call to talk about your offer, your audience and the transformation you can provide them with.

Step 3.

I'll work my magic on your page

I'll audit your landing page thoroughly and give you a custom plan with action steps to modify your landing page to increase conversions (aka get more email subscribers with the traffic you're already getting!).

Step 4.

Implement the changes

Implement the recommended tweaks and see your list grow steadily with incredible humans and dream clients!


No need to invest in paid ads or spend your days figuring Pinterest out only to get a handful of email subscribers (ouch!).


Have people sign up to your email list, experience the powerful results you can get for them & buy from you without relying on word-of-mouth.

no hassle

Receive a game plan with actionable steps you can take to tweak your landing page to get more subscribers with the traffic you're already getting.

I'm here to help you make your landing page convert more of the traffic you already have so you can make more money and create a bigger impact without extra effort on your part.

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Your investment to boost your landing page

best value


  • Landing Page Review
  • Action plan with recommendations
  • Video walkthrough of feedback
  • 7 day turnaround time

All sales are final and no refunds are available for this service unless I'm unable to deliver the service for any reason.

What my clients are saying 

Michelle photo - Counseling Recovery

Michelle Farris

Counseling recovery

I've worked with Lucia on several projects and she is amazing! Her work ethic is superior to many others I've worked with. I trust her completely and her ideas have helped me grow my business. She is one of the few that I've worked with that I can totally relate on for consistency and excellence.


Ashley Clark


I’m so thankful to have found Lucia!! I was so overwhelmed trying to create my landing and sales pages on my own. But when I found Lucia, all I had to do was to give her information about my course and then she took care of the rest!! I recommend her if you're struggling with your own pages or want to avoid the hassle of DIY!

Hey, I'm Lucia!

You've got incredible offers and resources to help your community and I'm here to make sure nothing gets in the way of that! Especially not an unoptimized landing page. Eek! 

My zone of genius is helping you get more of the right people on your email list so that you can serve them and build a sustainable business that fulfills you.

Let's team up and overhaul your landing page so that you can stop losing out on subscribers and work with more dream clients instead!