Imagine having a beautiful template for every asset you need to create & launch your course, done for you.

If creating & launching a course drains the life out of you and you'd rather spend that time traveling, hugging your kids or just chillin' in the sofa while you make sales on autopilot... You need this toolkit!

"Without this toolkit, I probably would've spent weeks putting this webinar together" — Sofia Habity · Coach Sofia Fitness
course creation toolkit preview laptop mobile


Want to know what's included?

take a look!
course creation toolkit preview laptop mobile
Course lesson template ($47 Value)

A fully editable Canva presentation template for your course lessons that make teaching simple and fun.

Webinar Slide Deck Template Preview
Guided webinar template ($97 Value)

A fully editable Canva template that includes every slide you'll need in your webinar.

Course workbook template  ($27 Value)

Editable Canva course workbook template to help your students implement and get stellar results from your course.

Course Validation Worksheet preview

Follow this worksheet to validate your idea so you know it'll sell before you create it.

Course Outline Workshet Mockup preview

Map out your entire course in a logical, easy to follow way using this course outline.

The Zero-Fuss Course Launch Debrief preview

This worksheet will help you collect all your launch learnings to make next launch a hit.

Asana launch plan preview
asana launch planS ($67 Value)

Fully mapped out begginer and advanced launch plans in Asana so you always know what to do.

Instagram stories template mock up preview on an iphone
Social media promo Graphics ($37 Value)

Promote your launch on social media with a Canva template pack for Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook.

naming and pricing generator preview
naming & Pricing generators ($27 Value)

Easily come up with an amazing name, tagline and pricing structure for your course that resonates with your students.

Plus, get access to this bonus when you get your toolkit today:


Make your course and bonuses irresistible by showcasing them with these mock-up templates. Your future students won't be able to hold themselves back!


Did I mention they are fully customizable IN CANVA?

Add your colors, fonts, logos and anything else you need to make them look like your course was custom-made by an in-house designer!

Here's a recap of everything you're getting inside of the Course Creation Toolkit


Get the inside scoop on how to find a killer course idea, validate it and outline it so your students have a streamlined framework to follow to achieve the results you promise them.

Total value: $81


Imagine having an in-house designer creating beautiful course assets for you... Without the monthly retainer! The ease of plug n' play meets the beauty of custom-made designs.

Total value: $208

course launching made easy resources & bonuses

Launching doesn't have to be scary poppins when you have an easy to follow launch plan and a solid strategy in place to make each launch better than the previous one!

Total value: $161

When you add it all up, that’s a value of over $450

But when you get the toolkit today, you'll get access to everything for just $47.

There are people out there wishing what you want to create already existed. Don't keep them waiting.

the course creation toolkit


  • 30+ page Course Validation Workbook
  • 30+ page Course Outline Workbook
  • 30+ Slide Course Lesson Presentation Template
  • 20+ page Course Workbook Template
  • 70+ Slide Guided Webinar Presentation Template
  • Course name, tagline and pricing generator
  • Beginner & Advanced Launch Plans for Asana
  • Social Media Promo Graphics Pack
  • Survey templates for market research
  • Launch debrief Workbook
  • bONUS: Offer preview templates (mock-ups)

All sales are final.


Instead of grinding for weeks on end to finish your course, you use these done-for-you templates to get rid of the stress and save you time. Chill launches are your new normal.

Love notes from my clients

I went to a CEO coworking event today and they looked at my sales page for my last launch. One of the organizers, who is a graphic designer with degree in graphic design, was so wowed by it and they all told me my sales page looks amazing. I told them it was designed by Lucia, a good friend of mine who has an amazing design touch and skills!

Sofia habity · Coach sofia fitness

Ailish Lucas from The Glow Getter

The templates are super helpful for someone like me who wants to create beautiful workbooks for my members but has no design experience! I love the way it's laid out so I can easily add in the content that I need to whilst not having to worry about the design elements. Makes my life so much easier. 


Lucia has a special talent for design which has given me invaluable help with my products and sale pages. She is a rare find - so happy to recommend her to anyone needing online marketing assistance.

Michelle farris · Counseling recovery

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I want you to be 100% happy with this toolkit and make it live up to it's name giving you exactly zero-fuss while using it.

That's why although I can't offer refunds on it due to its digital nature, I'm happy to provide support if you run into any issues while using your Toolkit! 

If anything comes up, you can send me an email at [email protected] and I'll get back to you asap.

Still on the fence?

If you made it this far, you owe it to yourself to get this toolkit and say bye to stressing out about everything that goes into creating a course.

(Spoiler alert: it's already inside of your toolkit!)

The Zero-Fuss Course Creation Toolkit Preview

The toolkit is for you if:

  • You don't like designing things let alone have time to tinker with them. You just want to teach and need a way to skip the rest! Keeping you in your zone of genius is MY zone of genius!
  • Creating courses overwhelms you and you need a plug and play system to keep the stress to a minimum and save time while building a powerful course your students love.
  • You've never created or launched a course and need step by step guidance and done-for-you resources to go from course idea to money in your pocket, easily.

Still here? Okay, heart to heart moment.

It took me two years to create my first course because I had no idea what to do and I spent more time trying to design my slide presentation than actually teaching. Silver lining? I got good at designing things! 

I created this toolkit because I wanted to make it easy for amazing people like you to turn your skills into a course that can give you the freedom you crave. Creating a course takes time, effort and lots of love. Let me make it easier for you by giving you everything you need to create your course, done for you.

You get to have your presentations, webinars, workbooks, social media graphics, offer previews/mock-ups, launch plans and more done for you. And if you're completely new, you also get 30+ page workbooks to help you come up with a killer course idea, how to validate it and how to outline it so you know it will sell before you create it. 

I wish I'd had this toolkit when I first created my course. But they cost $197 instead of $47 (for now) and I didn't have that kind of money lying around. If you've felt called to create a course, this is your sign from the universe to go for it and make it 10x easier by having all of your assets done for you.

Happy course creation,