Go from idea to launch without the overwhelm.

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If you’ve spent weeks or months going in circles, not knowing what the next right step is to get your course out there…

Or you got a major headache while researching the best platforms to host your course, or spent days deciding whether to go for an “all in one” solution… 

But especially if you’ve never created or launched a course before and you're so overwhelmed you're ready to quit before you even start...

I made this roadmap especially for you

Imagine having a step by step roadmap to help you create and launch your online course with ease, knowing what you need to do every step of the way. This is it!

What's included?

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course creation timeline

A thorough step by step timeline of the most important things you need to do to create your course so you know it will sell with ease.


A thorough step by step timeline of your launch plan so you always know what you need to do to make your launch a success and enroll as many students as you can.

from idea to launch roadmap

A bird-eye view of the process from the moment you come up with your course idea to getting the course into your students' hands.

Tried and tested tools to save you time

Don't waste time figuring out which tools to use, what they're for and which ones do the same thing. I've included a list of 18 tools I recommend to help you create and launch your course!

It's time to get that course you've dreamt about creating into the world!